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Mr Basterma Cured and Dried Beef
Mr Basterma Halal Certified Cured and Dried Beef
Mr Basterma Cured and Dried Beef

Armenians were known throughout the Levant as the most skilled makers of basturma. In Caesarea (Kayseri), the production of basturma was entirely run by Armenians. The Armenian family name of Basturmajian was held by families that processed the meat.

Mr. Basterma's is a 3rd generation food Distributor located in the Tampa Bay Area. It was founded by Musallam Musallam Musallam in Detroit Michigan.  We Deliver to all 50 states in the USA.

Basterma  is prepared by salting the meat, then washing it with water and letting it dry. After that the blood and salt is squeezed out of the meat which is then covered with a cumin paste called çemen (lit. "fenugreek") prepared with crushed cumin, fenugreek, garlic, and hot paprika, followed by thorough air-drying.

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